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Waterproofing for Moisture Control in Indianapolis, IN

Are you facing challenges with moisture issues at your home? Americrawl is a licensed contractor that provides elite moisture control services. Using advanced techniques, we ensure that your home, mainly the crawl space, and the basement is waterproofed. To consult with one of our moisture control experts, contact us!

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Our Areas of Expertise

At Americrawl, we provide a wide array of services to meet your needs related to the basement, crawl space, foundation, or more. Some of our services are:

Basement equipped with dehumidifiers for moisture control.

Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing

At Americrawl, we go above and beyond to keep your basement dry. Our experienced team employs state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to keep your basement free from moisture. This not only prevents issues like mold growth and structural damage but also contributes to a healthier living environment. To ensure proper waterproofing, we offer the below services for the basement:

Crawl Space Waterproofing

We offer extensive crawl space waterproofing solutions to provide you with a healthy living space. It includes vapor barrier installation, encapsulation,insulation,dehumidification, and humidity control.This ensures a dry crawl space,improved indoor air quality,and a reduced risk of structural issues.

Crawl space encapsulation services for improved insulation.
Waterproofing floor and wall of the basement for protection.

Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing


At Americlawl, we also install dehumidifiers to lower indoor humidity and control excess moisture. One of our best dehumidifiers is the SaniDry dehumidifier. It has the capacity to remove moisture at a rate ten times faster than a typical unit. Additionally, it enhances air quality and enhances the overall comfort of your home. To keep your home moisture-free with our SaniDry dehumidifier, get in touch with us.

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Installation of encapsulation for waterproofing in crawl space.

Americrawl Is Your Trusted Partner for Moisture Control & Waterproofing Solutions

When it comes to moisture control and comprehensive waterproofing solutions, Americrawl stands as your trusted partner. With a wealth of experience and specialized expertise, we provide the means to safeguard your property from moisture-related issues. Whether it's basement waterproofing or crawl space waterproofing, we are dedicated to ensuring your home remains dry and structurally sound.

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