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If you're experiencing issues with leaky basements, damp and moldy crawl spaces, sinking foundations, or bowing basement walls, Americrawl offers a range of solutions to help you. We are a trusted partner, providing the best basement and crawl space services for your home improvement needs. To prevent moisture and water damage in the basement, it's crucial to have proper wall insulation. That's why Americrawl has brought you a revolutionary solution - ThermalDry® Basement Wall Insulation. Are you dealing with leaky basements, damp and moldy crawl spaces, sinking foundations, or bowing basement walls? We have the answer to your problems.

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Protect Your Basement, Enhance Your Living Space

ThermalDry® is a revolutionary basement wall insulation system designed to combat water damage and create a comfortable living environment. This flexible poly sheet material features a reflective foil on one side and bubble wrap on the other, providing a powerful defense against moisture and heat loss.

Key Features & Benefits:

flexible installation

Flexible Installation

Adaptable to stone walls and irregular surfaces.

Can be installed over concrete blocks, poured concrete, or stone foundation walls.

efficient drainage

Efficient Drainage

Compatible with our WaterGuard® perimeter drain system.

Channels wall seepage into perimeter drains, keeping your basement dry.

enhanced energy efficient

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Reflective foil faces the interior, directing heat back into the living space.

Reduces heat absorption by basement walls during cold weather.

quick and easy installation

Quick and Easy Installation

Complete installation in just one day by our expert installers.

Secured with plastic, press-in fasteners for a durable finish.

thermaldry wall insulation

Benefits of ThermalDry® Wall Insulation

  • Compatibility: Compatible with the WaterGuard® perimeter drain system, ThermalDry® seamlessly integrates into your basement waterproofing strategy.
  • Drains Wall Seepage: Say goodbye to wall seepage issues as ThermalDry® efficiently directs any seepage into the perimeter drains, keeping your basement dry.
  • Improves Comfort: Enjoy a more comfortable living space as ThermalDry® reflects heat into the basement, creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency: Enhance energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption, contributing to a more sustainable home.

Get Comfortable Basement with ThermalDry® Insulation

Americrawl is a licensed contractor with a legacy dating back to 1993. Our experienced team specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair. We offer free estimates to homeowners and business owners facing difficulties in home improvement, moisture control, drainage routing, encapsulation, and more. Residing in Mooresville, Southport, Greenwood, Beech Grove, Median Hills, and nearby Indianapolis areas, you can get the benefits of our services.

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