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Hairline Foundation Wall Cracks Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Noticing a hairline crack in the home structure isn't an uncommon matter. However, it's not a thing a house owner would like. Instead of being disturbed by that, you can easily regain the elegance of the walls along with flatness by taking Americrawl's help.

The BBB-accredited A+-rated company is well-prepared with its well-trained repair team to fix your different foundation wall problems. You can easily get our services by an easy phone call.

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How Bad a Hairline Crack Can Be?

Not all wall cracks are risky. A hairline crack is one of them but to a particular extent. Whether this crack is hazardous or not is determined by several factors. The cracks that are narrower than 2 millimeters aren't supposed to be a concern. Sometimes, the cranny lines are found merely on the plaster, not on the foundation. In that case, as well, you shouldn't be worried. Cracks beyond 5 millimeters are a warning sign and the possibility of damage increases from this limit. 15 millimeters means the condition is serious. 25-millimeter width crack indicates structural damage.

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What Causes Hairline Crack?

The irregularity of humidity is one of the reasons hairline cracks occur. That's common for the regions where the weather remains moist most of the time. It's also normal for newly built structures to get foundation wall cracks because of drying shrinkage. Other reasons include faulty construction, earthquakes, plumbing leaks, etc.

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Americrawl has been serving its customers across Indianapolis & Central Indiana since 1993. The licensed contractor has a well-trined technician team to secure your home through first-class foundation repair services. You can easily get our help in LawrenceBeech GroveSpeedway, and other service areas by the family-owned and operated company. Most of the services we offer have a transferable lifetime warranty.

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It's not necessary to wait for the extreme situation for the wall crack to get repaired. By taking early services you can not only enjoy less repair cost but also secure peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Dial 463-218-6767 and talk to us about the problem. You can also send a service request by filling out the form online. Check out our services for vertical, horizontal, and drywall cracks repair, etc.