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Basement Wall Crack Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

A crack in a poured wall is generally caused by concrete shrinkage and this shrinkage will continue for at least a few years — possibly longer — after the walls are initially poured. Continued factors such as structural settling and soil expansion and contraction can worsen cracking and separation. A long-term, flexible solution is needed to permanently repair the crack, even during continued wall movement.

Injection sealants are a proven innovation in crack repair, yet continued shrinkage of the wall, structural movement and other factors have caused these repairs to eventually fail.

Therefore, if your repair method is injection alone, the crack will often get larger and re-leak. Americrawl searched for a better way and we have found it! The SealFlex Crack Repair System is a permanent solution to your basement wall cracks! The crack is sealed with a special flexible sealant on the surface of the crack from top to bottom. This bead will slow, and in many cases stop, the flow of water through the crack.


Then a strip of 3 1/2" wide, beveled SealFlex open cell foam material is affixed to the sealant, tucking it into the AkwaGard waterproofing system or drainage created at the floor. An overcoat of special sealant is applied over the SealFlex foam strip, overlapping onto the concrete wall at least 2" on each side.

The beveled foam strip is covered completely, creating a sealed patch from the top of the crack to the bottom. The beveled foam is a bond breaker between the top coat of the sealant and the wall and serves to wick any water that gets past the first bead of sealant down to the drainage below. The SealFlex Wall Crack Repair System will never crack or leak and can flex as much as 3/4", making it a dry, permanent solution for wall cracks!

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