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Window Well Covers Facts

High quality, custom fitted window well covers provide safety and protection to a home in many ways, and they are an excellent investment for the maintenance of a home.

While allowing normal ventilation and access to light, window well covers help to avoid falls from children and animals, they protect a home from water and debris, and they can protect a home from intruders. A window well cover should not be flimsy, one size fits all cover. It should be custom fit and made of strong materials for true safety and protection.

Open metal window wells are a safety hazard for children, house pets, and wild animals. There have been many reported falls of children, and even some adults, into open, unprotected window wells. Animals like deer, squirrels, and cats have fallen or even nested in window wells, creating the safety hazard of wildlife accessing a home. A well-fitted window well cover helps avoid these security risks for those who are potentially hurt, as well as protecting the home.

A continued problem for metal window wells is debris and water leaking into a house during seasonal changes and storms. Water or moisture in a Indianapolis basement leads to the damage and cracking of a home’s foundation. Additionally, mold growth and air quality issues can occur from moisture leaking into a home. A window well cover keeps out dirt, water, snow, and leaves, and protects a home by keeping the window wells clean and dry.


Published: 12 October 2017