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Warning Signs of Foundation Failure

Bulging floors, cracked walls, and doors that won’t close are all signs of Indianapolis foundation distress. Sixty percent of all homes built on expansive soils suffer from Indianapolis foundation distress.

The problem occurs when only part of the Indianapolis foundation heaves or settles, causing cracks and other damage.

This differential movement is largely caused by differences in soil moisture. Loss or gain of soil moisture can cause serious shrinkage or swelling. See what causes foundations and slabs to sink.

If the frame of a house does not begin to distort until after three or more years of satisfactory performance, it is doubtful that the distortion is caused by full-depth Indianapolis foundation settlement, which is always evidenced by matching cracks. Cracks occur at each side of a portion of the Indianapolis foundation wall that is undergoing downward movement caused by soil bearing failure.

Settlement cracks are nearly always vertical, and they should not be confused with cracks that occur when a wall is subjected to lateral movement from soil pressure.

Exterior Warning Signs

  • Wall Rotation
  • Separation around garage door, windows and/or walls
  • Cracked bricks
  • Broken and/or cracked foundation
  • Displaced Moldings

Interior Warning Signs

  • Misaligned Doors and Windows
  • Cracked sheetrock
  • Cracks in Floor


Published: 11 May 2017