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How to Choose Window Well Covers

Window wells provide access to your Indianapolis basement windows and give the outside of your house a finished appearance.

If you don’t put window well covers over the openings, debris collects in them. Open wells might provide easy access into your home for burglars. Children and pets can fall into the uncovered openings. Before you purchase any covers, check with the local building codes regarding their usage. Some municipalities do not allow covers on windows that might be needed as an emergency exit.

  1. Choose window well covers made from durable, rustproof materials. While clear plastic bubbles are available to cover the window wells, you must replace them periodically because they damage easily. Pick Indianapolis basement window covers made of aluminum, steel or polycarbonate materials. Each of these materials is durable and maintenance-free.
  2. Indianapolis basement window covers that fit inside the window well, if possible. They provide more security because they lock in place. You are less likely to bump the covers off their frame.
  3. Select covers that can support weight. This isn’t as important for a window that opens onto a flowerbed, but it is important for a well that opens below a deck. If someone accidentally steps off the decking and onto the cover, you want the cover to support him.
  4. Buy window well covers that have a good warranty. Look for warranties that offer several years of coverage.
  5. Select a style that matches the exterior of your house and that does what you want it to do. Pick reinforced mesh if you want better protection for children. Mesh allows more light into the Indianapolis basement than some other styles. Classic bars keep debris out and provide security for your Indianapolis basement windows. Polycarbonate in steel frames is sturdy and allows plenty of light into the basement. It’s not airtight, but it does restrict airflow into the Indianapolis basement windows.
  6. Determine if you need a flat window well cover or a bubble style. If the top of the window extends above the window well, choose a bubble cover. Decide if your window wells are round, elongated ovals, or rectangular.
  7. Select the right size well cover for the opening. Measure the width of the window well where the well attaches to the house. Measure from the center point on the opening to the wall to get the projection. Measure from the top of the well to the top of the window to determine the height. Use that information along with the shape to order the window well covers. If covers aren’t available to fit the size and shape, order custom-made Indianapolis basement well covers.


Publishe: 14 June 2017