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FWS Company Update – COVID-19

We would like to thank everyone who is participating and supporting the efforts to help suppress the spread of Coronavirus. We especially would like to thank our first responders, medical personnel and National Guard troops as they fight daily to keep us safe.

We will get through this, as Americans we always do. We have proven time and time again since our inception, that Americans can accomplish anything when we work together.

We are now face to face with new social norms as we open our doors again for business. During our closure, we have been able to observe how other businesses and people acted in public. We paid attention, took notes, and developed our processes for maintaining safety and social distancing. In addition, daytime and evening safety measures have also been implemented. As owners, we continue to monitor and follow the recommendations of the CDC. We are prepared to reopen and deliver the excellent services our customers have been patiently waiting for. Again, thank you to everyone for your efforts during these times.


Kenneth and Maria Kirchner

Owners / Operators



Published: 07 April 2020