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COVID-19 Company Update

This is a difficult time for our world. It is with heavy hearts, but full understanding that we as Illinoisans, will follow the instruction of our Governor. We will be closing our physical building at 3328 W.

95th Street, in Evergreen Park as of Saturday March 21, 2020 – April 7, 2020.

To our employees, our “Family”. Although we are listed to operate under essential services and jobs during the Coronavirus (Contractor and other tradesman), we do not want anyone to feel as though they must choose between family safety and work. Please stay home with your families! Ken and I are committed to making sure you ALL will receive your paycheck, keep your health insurance, and have a job to come back to. OUR PROMISE is and always will be that we will give 100% to what we have built and will continue to build. Thank you for your feedback, it helped play a part in our decision.

To our customers, our “Extended Family”. We want you to know that everyone’s health and safety is truly our number one priority. We want to thank our current customers for rescheduling their existing installs and estimates. Although we will not be available for daily in-home estimates or installations, we will be available for video consultations, and our phone lines have been redirected and will still be answered during normal hours. Ownership will be working every day to make sure we are ready to put boots on the ground post the April 7th date.

We hope everyone understands the importance of having “Family” in our name, we must first and foremost take care of our families! We want to make sure we are doing our part of social distancing, and not using a technicality to continue to stay open and make a buck during this crisis.

You ask what differentiates us from our competitors, well here it is: The only way to truly do our part is to not risk any of our employees or customers at all. Even with additional precautions!

From Ken: “Over 20 years ago I raised my right hand in a job of service and swore to protect others. As a Marine who knows how to follow instructions, we will adhere to our State’s directive to shut down. Actions speak louder than words. I am so proud of our employees for being strong during this time and we want you to know that you valued! Take care and we will see you in a few weeks.”

From Maria: “As a mother and wife I instinctively want to always protect my family. We have no way of knowing current carriers of the virus. My part will be to make sure both yours and my children are safe, by not taking any additional chances.”

We understand that paying our employees, continuing their benefits and temporarily shutting down the company is a risk. However, we know that we have built a strong foundation and are here for many years to come. While other companies stay open during this time, we feel health and safety exceeds basic home repairs. If you are considering having waterproofing quotes or repairs done during this shut down, we assure you we are worth the wait.

Sincerely –

Kenneth and Maria Kirchner



Published: 23 March 2020