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Common Homeowner issues fixed by Crawl Space Encapsulation

Whether you know it or not, crawl spaces are found under many different types of homes.

Crawl spaces are especially common in rambler and split-level style homes, in historical properties, and under additions for sunrooms, kitchen expansions, and other home expansions. It is important to address issues in the Indianapolis crawl space as it can adversely affect the quality of the living space above and, when severe enough, can even cause health concerns.

“Crawl Space Encapsulation” refers to a process by which waterproofing materials, sump pumps, insulation techniques, and vapor barriers are used to address moisture and conditioning issues. Crawl space ventilation is then put in place to control humidity and create a healthy, conditioned Indianapolis crawl space environment. This work is especially helpful in dealing with issues during hot, humid summer weather.

Do you suspect you have issues in your crawl space? Not sure if Indianapolis crawl space encapsulation is right for you?

We’ve listed some of the most common homeowner problems that crawl space encapsulation is designed to address.


Crawl Space Leaks and Flooding

Encapsulating your Indianapolis crawl space involves fixing Indianapolis foundation waterproofing problems to make sure it is safe, healthy and does not propagate excess humidity or other problems listed below.

Musty or Unpleasant Smells

The air quality in many crawl spaces is typically less than ideal for many reasons: inadequate conditioning and potential exposure to rat waste, mold spores, wet soil, and other hazards. This air rises into your home and can lead to musty odors or other unpleasant smells. Proper conditioning and ventilation in the Indianapolis crawl space will mean greater comfort and air quality for you and your loved ones upstairs.

3.Damage to Wood Supports and Floors

Keeping moisture levels at bay leads to greater structural integrity in your flooring support. Encapsulation protects your home by discouraging damage to floor joists and supports.

4.Burst Pipes

Burst water pipes are a major concern in winter. With a properly insulated crawl space, your chances of experiencing a burst pipe during freezing temperatures decrease significantly.

5.Damage to Stored Items

Without proper treatment, items stored in the Indianapolis crawl space are vulnerable to water damage and mold. With a professional Indianapolis crawl space encapsulation, you can finally utilize that area for clean, dry storage space.

6. Cold Floors in Winter

With Indianapolis crawl space insulation, your home will be more comfortable in the winter. Cold floors are a symptom of a Indianapolis crawl space that is not properly conditioned.

7. High Air Conditioning and Heating Bills

Many homeowners are surprised at the increased energy efficiency of their homes after Indianapolis crawl space encapsulation. In cold months, cold outside air is blocked from entering the crawl space, reducing your heat loss and your heating bills. During the summer, hot air is blocked from entering the crawl space, allowing your air conditioning to run more efficiently and lower cooling costs. This also reduces the cost of HVAC appliances since it decreases the stress put on the system.

8. Pest Control

When you seal your Indianapolis crawl space professionally, you are discouraging the formation of entry and exit paths for rodents and insects. You can worry less about spiders, termites, mice, and other pests gaining access to your space and creating an unhygienic environment.

9.Headaches When Selling Your Home

Crawl space encapsulation can help avoid a huge headache you are selling your home. Make sure that your home passes a home inspection and turn what is typically a sore spot for seller into a fantastic selling point.

Whether you are seeking to get rid of musty smells, lower utility bills, have more useable space, or all of the above, Indianapolis crawl space encapsulation is the way to go. Ensure the job gets done right by calling the Indianapolis crawl space and Indianapolis basement experts at Americrawl. We’ll custom-design your job for your home and stand by all of our work with our warranties.


Published: Published: 16 August 2017