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Caring for your home in the winter

The calendar is turning and we’re in the home stretch toward winter and the end of the year.

When this happens you know you will be spending more time in your home and you will want to make certain the home is in tip-top shape to brave the snow and cold ahead. In addition to having to shovel, winter means your home could have ice dams and water problems that could include leaking into your Indianapolis basement or frozen, burst pipes.The Indianapolis basement waterproofing professionals from Americrawl offer these tips to caring for your home throughout the winter months ahead:

  1. Check the roof for any missing or curled shingles. Make certain there are no holes that could allow snow and ice to leak into your home.
  2. An ice dam means that water builds up then freezes then thaws and freezes again and this leads to water running into the eaves and this can damage your home and your roof. With an ice dam, you may also have water leaking into your home. Icicle build up along the sides of the roof means ice dams are forming.
  3. The water should be turned off to any outdoor spigots, hoses should be drained and stored as well. Use an insulated cover to protect them.
  4. Inspect your home’s gutters to make certain they are free of leaves and debris. You want the water to be able to run freely when it melts.
  5. Direct the downspouts away from the home and your basement. Water that comes off the roof and into the gutters then makes its way into your Indianapolis basement can lead to flooding, water seeping into the walls and overall moisture and dampness issues.
  6. Spend a few minutes checking your sump pump to assure it is working before you need it. If it is showing any signs of damage or wear you may want to upgrade or replace it before winter sets in.
  7. Seal your home to prevent the heated air from going out and cool air from coming in.

Talk with us to schedule a Indianapolis basement inspection before we’re in a deep freeze!


Published: 20 November 2017