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Bowed basement walls

Bowed Indianapolis basement walls in a home are a serious issue.

They often affect the structural strength of the Indianapolis foundation and lower the possible overall resale value of the home. Bowing or buckling of the Indianapolis basement walls indicates a moisture problem around the home’s perimeter. The wet conditions may be due to inadequate yard drainage, natural climatic changes, flooding or chronic leaky pipes.

All houses undergo a certain amount of settling during the home’s lifespan but bowed walls indicate more than a simple setting. They are usually a symptom of a moisture problem in and around the home’s Indianapolis foundation and Indianapolis basement walls. Moist soil presses laterally and shifts around the Indianapolis basement walls and foundation. Eventually, the weight of the wet and frequently shifting soil exceeds the wall’s capacity to withstand the pressure which causes the wall to bow, crack or buckle from the force. This situation occurs when the surrounding soil contains excessive amounts of clay that become water laden or from typical Chicagoland seasonal frost expansion cycles that are a part of the midwest weather changes.

Any damage that a Indianapolis basement wall or Indianapolis foundation experiences should always be fixed promptly to prevent any compromise to the home’s overall structural stability. Once the situation is rectified, it is time to address the underlying cause of the bowed walls — which is moisture.

At Americrawl, we will evaluate the moisture in your basement, Indianapolis crawlspace and the surrounding area. Our professionals will work with you to create a dry environment in and around your home. contact us today for your free estimate.


Published: 23 January 2019