Solving The Problem: Sump Pumps

At Americrawl, years of hands-on experience and aggressive education in crawl space and basement science have resulted in unsurpassed solutions. Our vast storehouse of advanced methods and proven installations provide custom remedies for every foundation imaginable. Patented systems include a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that applies to the home, regardless of ownership change. We look forward to giving your foundation a "physical," and curing your crawl space and basement headaches with an applicable treatment.

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Sump Pumps and other Products
How to Fix a Wet Basement

Sump Pumps

Most waterproofing systems rely on a sump pump as the final mechanism to get the collected water out of foundations. Since the sump pump is the heart of the process, if it fails for any reason, the whole system breaks down and your basement can flood, despite the cost and effort put forth to avoid this.

If you're going to depend on a sump pump, it should be one that offers:

  1. Quality and Reliability
  2. Backup Operation During Power Outages
  3. Power Levels that can Handle the Heaviest Rains.

Americrawl's sump pump systems offer complete protection for these three major concerns that home owners face when employing sump pumps—plus offer intelligent features for additional security.

All of Americrawl's sump pump liners and their matching sump pump covers form attractive, airtight bonds. The patented airtight cover keeps out odors produced from moisture in the sump pump tank, as well as acts as a barrier to bugs and radon gas, and it also quiets the pump.

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Triple Safe Sump Photo 1

The iPumpPac Sump Pump Systems can incorporate three pumps, enabling it to respond effectively to all three major challenges encountered when using sump pumps in foundations, thereby offering you comprehensive protection.

  • If the first pump fails, a second one takes over.
  • If the first pump can't handle the heavy water flow, a more powerful second pump kicks in and they operate simultaneously—more than doubling capacity.
  • If the power goes out or other pump failure occurs, the patented UltraSump Battery Backup Sump Pump takes over—and it all functions automatically!

Included with every iPumpPac3 Sump Pump System:

  • Two Zoeller Sump Pumps (a 1/2 hp and a 1/3 hp)
  • UltraSump Battery Backup Sump Pump
  • The WaterWatch® Alarm System
  • The iPumpPac Liner™
  • CleanPump Steps
  • Sump Pump Check Valve
  • The Airtight Lid


Super Sump Photo 1

The SuperSump Sump Pump includes the finest pump available: a high-end 1/3 HP cast-iron Zoeller sump pump with a mechanical float switch. This pump was chosen as the best from among nearly 50 models. It pumps 2220 gallons per hour to an 8-foot discharge head (43gpm), smoothly and quietly.

It resists clogging and can pump up to 1/2-inch solids. It will perform reliably for many years. The SuperSump is designed to house a secondary battery backup sump pump within the same liner in case of power outage or pump failure for whatever reason. See UltraSump Battery Backup Sump Pump.

Included with every SuperSump sump pump system:

  • Zoeller Sump Pump
  • The WaterWatch® Alarm System
  • The SuperLiner™
  • CleanPump Stands
  • Sump Pump Check Valve
  • Airtight FloorDrain
  • The Airtight Lid


Ultra Sump Photo 1

The third pump, housed as a standard within the TripleSafe Sump Pump or an add-on to the SuperSump Sump Pump, is a DC-operated backup sump pump. If your power or circuit breakers fail, this pump operates from battery power to continue eliminating the water from your foundation—completing your protection.

The gel battery supplied as part of the UltraSump Battery Backup System is specifically engineered to withstand long periods of dormancy, thus retaining large amounts of unused power, unlike a car battery. The UltraSump also comes standard with a charging system to automatically recharge your battery once power has been reconnected to the system.

You can rest easy 24 hours a day knowing the UltraSump is on the job, especially in your absence. Its outstanding gallon-per-minute output, automatic electronic "smart" charger, heavy-duty motor, and reliable switch are a winning combination, and Americrawl can provide you with this state-of-the-art protection.



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Dehumidification, Mold and Allergens


Dehumidification is absolutely necessary for removing excess moisture from the air and making your home free of mold and mildew. In general, mold will not grow at less than 50% relative humidity. Nor can dust mites—the number one allergen—exist in less than 50% relative humidity, as they "drink" necessary moisture by absorbing it through their skin.

SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Filtration System

Sanidry Photo 2

The SaniDry Basement and Crawl Space Dehumidifier and Air Filter will keep your foundation below 50% humidity and eliminate damp, musty odors by drying and filtering the air. It utilizes a powerful blower to draw in the "bad" air, and then release it as dry, clean air back into the same, or redirected, space. The SaniDry Air System removes three times the water from the atmosphere as a typical dehumidifier, yet uses the same 6.8 amps of energy. And it will automatically drain the collected water via a hose, so it never has to be emptied.


The SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Filtration System has 10 times the cold surface area of an average dehumidifier and a unique heat exchange core, making it ultra efficient. The powerful 100-pint and 90-pint models will provide clean, conditioned crawl space air that will give you peace of mind.




Normal soil, especially clay, becomes more compacted and contains less air at increasing depths. When it rains, the water pushes the air to the surface, gravity takes over, and the water then begins to flow downhill.

That is, if the ground slopes. Level yards are at a disadvantage as the movement of water through the earth is minimal and heavy rainfalls cause pooling, even up to flooding levels.

The movement of sub-surface water can be increased by intercepting and re-directing its flow through a drainage system embedded in narrow trenches, sometimes called a strip drain or French drain.

AkwaDrain™ functions as an excellent French Drain and is effective in eliminating the problem of standing water in low lying areas.

Product Description

AkwaDrain is a two-part, prefabricated drain composed of geotextile fabric surrounding a polystyrene core that offers a total collection and transport system. The polypropylene filter fabric allows 80% open surface filtration of the water while restricting soil particles. The core transports the water both vertically and horizontally, whether it’s down a sub-surface wall or to a designated drainage exit.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent High Flow Capacity
  • Reduced Drainage Space
  • Easier Handling and Installation
  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Strength and Durability
  • Enhanced Waterproofing Protection


Re-routing down spout water away from a home's foundation is an invaluable waterproofing measure. Roof water that drains and pools near the base of the house can contribute to wet crawl spaces and basements, wash away mulch and erode the landscape.

LawnScape offers underground down spout extensions that transfer rain water into a below ground PVC pipe. Through this pipe, the water is transported on average 10' away from the foundation and terminates at a "bubbler pot" that allows it to overflow onto the surface away from the house. LawnScape extensions are customized to suit each home's design.

Once the LawnScape installation is complete, unruly ground pipes and splash blocks can be eliminated, and lawn maintenance will be simplified, as mowers can be operated right over the bubbler pots without damage, much like a sprinkler head. The bubbler pot cover is easily removed so any accumulated debris can be cleaned out.