Solving The Problem: Dehumidifiers

At Americrawl, years of hands-on experience and aggressive education in crawl space and basement science have resulted in unsurpassed solutions. Our vast storehouse of advanced methods and proven installations provide custom remedies for every foundation imaginable. Patented systems include a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that applies to the home, regardless of ownership change. We look forward to giving your foundation a "physical," and curing your crawl space and basement headaches with an applicable treatment.

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Dehumidification, Mold and Allergens

Dehumidification is absolutely necessary for removing excess moisture from the air and making your home free of mold and mildew. In general, mold will not grow at less than 50% relative humidity. Nor can dust mites—the number one allergen—exist in less than 50% relative humidity, as they "drink" necessary moisture by absorbing it through their skin.

SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Filtration System

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The SaniDry Basement and Crawl Space Dehumidifier and Air Filter will keep your foundation below 50% humidity and eliminate damp, musty odors by drying and filtering the air. It utilizes a powerful blower to draw in the "bad" air, and then release it as dry, clean air back into the same, or redirected, space. The SaniDry Air System removes three times the water from the atmosphere as a typical dehumidifier, yet uses the same 6.8 amps of energy. And it will automatically drain the collected water via a hose, so it never has to be emptied.

The SaniDry Dehumidifier and Air Filtration System has 10 times the cold surface area of an average dehumidifier and a unique heat exchange core, making it ultra efficient. The powerful 100-pint and 90-pint models will provide the level of clean, conditioned crawlspace air that will give you peace of mind.