While every home is unique, they often experience problems that are actually very common. One of the common problems is cracks.


Do you have a wet basement? Basement moisture is not an uncommon problem.


A sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has gathered into a sump basin designed to collect water, usually found in the Indianapolis basement of a home.

FWS Sump Pump

There are many items vying for your hard-earned dollars each day.

A sinking slab (also known as sinking concrete) is always worth fixing, whether it’s located in your basement, garage, driveway or patio. A simple crack in a concrete slab isn’t necessarily a problem.


You may not know it, but your sump pump could be the difference between a dry and wet Indianapolis basement or Indianapolis crawl space when heavy rains hit.

FWS Sump PumpSump pumps are devices that are placed in a Indianapolis basement to pump out excess water that would otherwise flood the space.

We’re quickly approaching the Summer months and Summer weather. That means heat and humidity.

foundation settling

Your home is your number one most valuable investment – so it makes sense that maintaining your home’s structural integrity is a high priority.

When needing to raise and level concrete slabs that have sunk such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios; people sometimes get confused in selecting the best out of two common methods: polyurethane concrete raising and mud jacking.