The beginning of warmer weather brings with it many chores – some cosmetic (like cutting the grass and pulling weeds), and some more practical (like cleaning the gutters and changing the screens on your windows).

Your home is your number one most valuable investment – so it makes sense that maintaining your home’s structural integrity is a high priority.

Crawlspaces are typically vented to remove moisture through evaporation—groundwater, rainwater, and condensate enter the Indianapolis crawlspace and, under the right conditions, eventually dry and waft out the vents.

Discovering a crack in the Indianapolis foundation of your home can be unsettling, as this could represent extensive damage to your home’s foundation, which could mean costly repairs.

There are many items vying for your hard-earned dollars each day. “Must-have necessities” such as a big-screen, smart televisions, appliances that tell you when they need service and other high-tech gadgets capture your attention and provide short-term gratification for a job well done.

Finding a crack in your Indianapolis basement wall or floor can be disheartening and cause great anxiety.

Bowing wall carbon fiber install

Bowed Indianapolis basement walls in a home are a serious issue.


It’s not too late to keep your resolution by fixing that Indianapolis basement leak.

Over time, your basement’s original protections fail as soil erodes, cement cracks, foundations move and barriers fail. Poor maintenance and ignoring early signs of Indianapolis basement water problems could lead to the loss of property and possible health problems.

Window wells provide access to your Indianapolis basement windows and give the outside of your house a finished appearance.